Thursday, June 21, 2007

Give it a try

So far, no comments - but hopefully that will change as the source website continues to receive more and more hits.

Certainly, there are deterrents to posting here. In some ways it would be more attractive if those with ideas did not have to sign in to share their ideas. However, allowing totally anonymous comments would open the blog to pranks, spam, and perhaps even more undesirable entries from posters who have no knowledge of or interest in MDI. It also is somewhat intimidating to be the first to post comments, but someone has to break the ice! And finally, the suggested topics, and others that have not yet been mentioned, are very difficult and do not lend themselves to quick or easy solutions.

Despite all of these obstacles, a forum like MDI Blog can have profound benefits for the entire Mount Desert Island community IF enough people are willing to participate in a meaningful discussion here. An online blog is a very convenient way to have a dialog among many people from all of the island towns on the same big, island-wide issues at a time that is most convenient for each of them. Give it a try - it won't hurt, and you actually may be helping to start something very important!